Natural Organic Makeup

Our organic natural makeup products are made with the best quality natural and sourced ingredients, toxin-free. Nowadays the conventional makeup contents chemical substances that cause hormone disruptions, avoid the exposure to these substances using quality made organic natural products. Here you will find a wide variety of gorgeous makeup products that take care of your skin and health too.

natural organic makeup

More and more women want to go for natural organic makeup products but, don’t know much about them or what to look for?

brushes for natural organic makeup

There are numerous companies out there that hype their products as suitable for natural skincare. But should we as consumers take their word for it, or should we teach ourselves about common skincare ingredients and know which ones to avoid?

If we are interested in natural skin care, it is right that we seek out information about synthetic ingredients to be avoided and the ones that work best.

natural organic makeup fragrance free

Fragrances Free

Alcohols is not supposed to be used in natural skin care products because they can deny the skin of its natural moisture which is unhealthy. Fragrances are made of synthetic chemicals which can be absorbed by our porous skin and could cause skin problems, and it should never be used in natural skincare production.

natural organic makeup paraben free

Paraben Free

Parabens are widely used by skincare companies but do not to natural skincare products. Paraben is commonly used because they are effective preservatives. But they cause breast tumours which made us conclude that parabens could cause cancer.

natural organic makeup aluminium free

Aluminium Free

Aluminium in its usual form is not harmful to the skin or any other part of the body. But the ionic and compounds forms of it, like those dissolved in water and those found in cosmetics, can be toxic in high doses. It may cause skin irritation including contact dermatitis-rash in some people.

Especially for people with sensitive skins, you need to avoid makeups with toxic chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, Aluminium, BHA to mention just a few.  Overexposure to aluminium ions and compounds is capable of blocking the sweat glands.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

It is used in floor cleaners, degreasers and detergents and can react with other ingredients to generate harmful nitrates and dioxins. Keep clear of this, because it can cause hair loss and severe skin irritation.

Beta hydroxy acid

Beta hydroxy acid is usually used by skin care manufacturers as an exfoliating agent in cosmetics. Overexposure to it peels off the skin layer which could lead to cancer.

To benefit the environment and your body go for natural skin care products containing quality, clinically proven natural ingredients. 

Our Recommended Natural Organic Makeup Brands

We are very passionate about natural skincare products, and we are dedicated to find quality cosmetic products that do not harm your beautifully created skin.

RMS beauty have natural beauty skincare products made with organic ingredients. These products nourish and protect your skin.

Nu evolution is a skincare product manufacturer that produces beauty products which contain bio organic ingredients without any toxins.

A makeup artist founded W3LL PEOPLE, cosmetic dermatologist and entrepreneur, who makes super premium cosmetics without using harmful artificial chemicals found in most make up products.