Organic Baby Products

We recommend you different natural organic products that will help you raise happy healthy babies.

Organic Baby Formula

There is no doubt that raising a baby can be a hard task. One of the items that will always come up is what a parent should feed her baby.  Since there is a constant need for feeding and nutrition, the process of feeding could be a difficult one. However, when it is handled properly, you can raise a happy and healthy baby.

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We all want the best for our babies

Most experts will advise you that breastfeeding is the best option that you have. This makes your child gets all the nutrients required for proper growth. However, there are various reasons why some women will not do this and it is because an alternative must come into play. For any woman, that choice is the organic baby formula.

Our Recommended Brands

Nature’s One, Baby’s

Toddler Formula Baby’s Only, is the closest to mother’s milk, if your baby is not allergic to lactose, we do not recommend that you give her soy milk because he will miss vitamins and other nutrients and this could be dangerous. Although the organic formula is inferior to human milk in multiple respects, it promotes more efficient growth, nutrient balance, and development than commercially available organic formula. Baby’s only formula has more vitamins, rich in antioxidants and other secondary plant substances, it is composed of more polyunsaturated fatty acids which are helpful to your child’s physical and mental development.

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Earth’s Best Organic

This is an easy to digest formula for babies and toddlers. It is also produced for babies with sensitive stomachs.

This unique formula contains reduced lactose milk-based powder formulation for easy digestion. Contains omega-3 DHA and omega-6 ARA fatty acids naturally found in breast milk, which may help in the brain and eye development.

It contains no artificial flavors, colors and it is made without prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Happy Baby

The Happy Baby organic formula is modeled after breast milk, it has milk-based powder, contains complete nutrition, it is made with milk from dairy farms, it is gluten free and it is easy to digest for little bellies.

Happy baby organic is formulated with love and modeled after breast milk. Give your baby a healthy snack.

Give your baby tasty flavors while getting nutrients, vitamins, and more without sugar, colorants, and conservatives.

Get your baby healthy snack !

Give your baby tasty flavors while getting nutrients, vitamins, and more without sugar, colorants, and conservatives.

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Happy baby organic snack puffs

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Organic Baby products

Relieve baby colics by massages and homeopathic

World leader in homeopathic, Boiron exist since 1932.

Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with baby colic, including gas pain and irritability

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Our Recommended Skin Care Brands

Your baby has a sensitive and delicate skin, do not put chemical products on her skin, choose organic natural products instead.

Earth Mama Organics

Growing a human is profound. The dawning awareness of just *how* profound often leads to a big question: “Is it safe for my baby?” Whether you’re looking for safe and effective products for your own baby, or a very special birth or baby shower gift, Earth Mama delivers. With time-honored botanical blends of clinically tested castle-based calendula baby soaps and calendula rich lotions, our #1 selling calendula diaper cream, and a virtually scent-free calendula baby massage oil, you’ll find something wonderful made with love. And probably calendula. No artificial fragrance, artificial preservatives, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulfates. Because we don’t want you to worry. That’s our job.

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Aveeno Baby

AVEENO  Eczema Therapy treatment for babies & toddlers is clinically proven to help relieve dry, itchy, irritated skin with eczema. The formulas, either with Oat or Colloidal Oatmeal, intensely moisturises and help strengthen the skin’s natural ability to protect against moisture loss and prevent recurrence of extra-dry skin. It is steroid free, fragrance-free and allergy tested.

Raising strong, active and healthy children in today’s fast-paced and food environment gets harder with each passing day. You can reach us for more tips and ideas about child’s fitness.

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