Natural Women Fertility Boost

Our environment, food, and lifestyle could result in impaired fertility in women. You can improve your fertility introducing products that will help to restore the natural hormone balance of your body. These products, along with healthier eating and other lifestyle tips that I will share with you will bring you a natural, organic way of improved fertility.


How to naturally increase women fertility without utilising costly sophisticated methods such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and artificial insemination is something that interests most couples wishing to get pregnant. Although the assisted reproductive methods can increase your fertility, the natural methods are still the best and the ones being highly recommended.

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Besides being safe and effective, the natural methods are not as expensive as the non-natural methods that some people prefer to use.

learn how to increase women fertility naturally. You should at least try these natural ways of increasing a woman's fertility as you have nothing to lose. The following are natural ways on how to boost women fertility:
  • Learn to know your ovulation cycle: The first thing you should do is to create a fertility calendar to know your ovulation cycle (you can also download an ovulation calendar or prediction kits online) and read the signs to know the dates for peak fertility.

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  • Sexual position: Sexual position is also plays an important factor when trying to become pregnant. The most ideal position is the missionary position because it allows sperm to be deposited near your cervix. Sex positions like standing, woman on top, and sitting should be avoided because sperm will most likely leak out of the woman’s body by gravity.

  • Make love regularly: Have sex every other day but schedule more sex before, during and immediately after the time that you are ovulating. One way to easily know that you’re ovulating is when there is an increase in your cervical mucus.

  • Seed cycling: Diet is also a very important factor when trying to become pregnant naturally. A balanced diet plays a crucial role in your healthy reproductive system as well as in balancing and regulating your hormone. After you have started regulating your diet, taking natural supplements is advisable to boost fertility. Start taking: folic acid 3 to 6 months before planning to get pregnant because folic acid helps to minimize the risk of neural tube defects during fetus’ development. Also take fish oil, maca, red raspberry leaf, B- and E-vitamins and evening primrose oil.

  • Healthy lifestyle: Stay away from alcohol, smoking, caffeine and some chemicals (like pesticide) that are known to reduce fertility. Ensure healthy eating, drink lots of water and drink one or two glasses of milk daily. (check our “Healthy Eating” page)

  • Manage and avoid stress: Stress is one factor that can greatly decrease fertility in a woman as it can increase the production of prolactin (a hormone which interferes with ovulation)

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  • Exercise: Exercise is also a great way to boost fertility. This will help you in maintaining or attaining the normal bodyweight which lets your hormone levels balance and normalize. This will increase fertility and your chances of getting pregnant. Remember you must exercise in moderation as over-exercising can also reduce fertility.

After all these start taking supplements:

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Folic Acid

start taking folic acid 3 to 6 months before planning to get pregnant

Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to increasing women fertility. This comprises weight control, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, eating right with a balanced diet, managing stress well, exercising regularly and moderately. All of these are essential elements that can help prepare the woman’s body to be ideally suited for pregnancy.

And a last advice, ask your partner to take care of himself as well, 20% of the time the issues come from the men. (check our “Men Fertility” page)